1 Apartment 4 Paws: Apartment Life with a Dog!

Some people believe that apartment living and having a dog don’t mix. That can’t be further from the truth! You just have to find the right apartment to fit you and your dog’s needs. Follow these easy steps to find the perfect apartment community where both you and your dog can thrive!

1. Find a pet friendly community
When it comes time to choose your next apartment complex find one that is welcoming to both you and your furry friend! While touring the community, ask the manager about pet policies and what amenities (if any) they have for your pet. Perhaps they offer a dog wash station or pet waste stations around the property to make walking your pet a little easier. Some managers even organize pet friendly community events! 

2. Make sure there’s plenty of space to exercise 
Dogs need daily exercise sessions to burn off excess energy. Find a complex that makes burning off energy easy. An on site dog park is a must have feature. You can simply take your dog down to the fenced-in area, let them off their leash, and let them run! It’s also a good idea to find an apartment that has lots of sidewalks or walking paths nearby for walks! 

3. Doggy DNA programs are a must!
We’ve all heard stories of bad neighbors who don’t clean up after their dogs. To prevent suffering through this, find a community that participates in a dog DNA program! That way, you’ll always have a clean property for your pup to run and play.

4. Acclimate your pup to its surroundings
After you’ve moved in, acclimate your pup to its new surroundings! There may be new smells, sounds, and sights that they’re not used to. Introducing your dog to the neighbors will help them settle in. When you’re out for the day, playing light music or leaving a fan on can help them get used to the new sounds also. Your pup will be loving their new apartment home in no time! 

Are you thinking of making a move? Take a tour of The Village at Three Fountains! Our pet friendly community features a dog park where your pup will love to run and play. Call 605-271-4147 today to schedule a tour!

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