Organize Your Home and Simplify Your Life!

Whether you’re a parent, a student, or a busy professional, these tips are sure to help you get your home organized and help it stay that way. Follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll have an organized home and an efficient daily routine in no time!

  1. Cut Closet Clutter

Having unwanted clothes, shoes, and other household items cluttering up your closet space only creates a hassle and can make you feel overwhelmed as you’re getting ready for your day. By stowing away clothing that is out of season and donating clothes that you don’t wear anymore, your closet will have breathing room and you’ll be dressed and out the door faster than ever! Organizing your closet by color and sleeve length can also help you to find the exact sweater or shirt that you are looking for!

VTF Pro Tip: If you need more space to store your items, rent a storage space from The Village at Three Fountains!

  1. Set-up Study Spaces
    When work and school assignments start to pile up, keeping your home tidy can prove to be quite a challenge. Try this! Designate a place in your home for all of your loose papers, cords, and books. This study space will serve as a “hub” where you can complete your work and keep all of your essential work or school items consolidated to one area. Try putting your study space near a window so you can soak up natural light while you’re working away!

    VTF Pro Tip: Reserve the Village at Three Fountains theater or community room for a quiet study place! Take advantage of the free wifi in the community areas and use the big screen to practice your presentations. Your study group will be so thankful to be able to meet here!

  2. Create a Communication Center
    A communication center is somewhere where the whole family can post their schedules and daily reminders. It is a great reference when you’re trying to remember which household member needs to be where and when. Customize your communication center to be whatever you need it to be. We suggest having a wall calendar for schedules, a cork board to post important reminders, and a dry-erase board to write quick messages on.

    VTF Pro Tip: A great place to put your communication center is right next to your apartment door! You can post reminders and daily schedules and it will be the last thing you look at as you walk out the door. You’ll never forget your lunch again!

  3. Synthesize a Snack Station
    When you have a busy schedule it can be hard to keep your kitchen organized. Designate a shelf or a small space on the counter to be your snack station! You can store quick and healthy food options here so that you can grab it and go. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it! Throw a few of your quick snacks in to your bag and you’ll prevent yourself from experiencing mid-day hunger.

    VTF Pro Tip: Having a cute basket on your kitchen breakfast bar full of healthy and quick food options prevents the family from hastily digging through the cupboards and can make your on the go lifestyle work much more efficiently!

Have other great ideas to keep yourself and your home organized? We’d love to hear them! Contact us by calling 605-271-4147 or emailing


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